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Hand Wash

Wash by hand in cool water, separately from other items. You can do this by running a bath or using a sink. Add a bit of natural wool detergent (if you have some). Place in the water and soak for around 10 minutes. 


To give your knitwear a long and healthy life, there's no need to wash it regularly. Instead, try airing out to ventilate. When washing, follow these steps:  


Dry Flat

Gently squeeze out any excess water, avoiding wringing. When drying, be careful not to stretch your knitwear. Dry flat on a towel instead of hanging. 



Store Folded

Always store your knits folded, not hung. The weight can stretch the garment out of shape. If possible fold away in drawers to protect against pesky moths.   


Our knitwear is made to last, but pilling can occur naturally with friction. A pilling comb or fabric shaver will easily remove it. If a hole does appear, patching or darning are great ways to cover it. Please get in touch if you are looking to mend something, we can give you a helping hand!

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